Functional Blood Chemistry

What is it? Learn the benefits of this unique tool… Blood chemistry is a very different tool for any healthcare provider to screen and identify imbalance in body metabolism. It serves as an inexpensive way to assess major bodily functions. Providers that have learned the skills required to analyze blood chemistry panels can provide their […]

Dietary Tips for Dysglycemia

Dietary Management of Dysglycemia Patterns The nutritional management of all patterns of dysglycemia must start with proper lifestyle and dietary changes. Individuals with dysglycemia must take changes to their diet; there are no exceptions to this. A person who exhibits insulin resistance cannot simply eat what they please when they please anymore, and a patient […]

Know Your Source

Truth in Labeling in the Nutritional Industry Chances are, you’re not getting what you think… Is it Really in the Bottle? Everywhere you look there is exciting new research on the efficacy of nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, the average consumer does not realize that evidence seems to come out monthly showing nutritional products do not always […]

Eating with Eloise

The “Eating with Eloise” blog & web forum Empowering families with amazing and EASY knowledge for organizing and making healthy food choices