Success Stories

Doctor Delson has improved my well being immensely. It was wonderful for me to find a doctor who fit my specific needs and that his process was low impact, gentle adjustments, and effective solutions. I recommend him to everyone I know who have any body discomfort and spinal issues. Delson chiropractic is a blessing.Carolyn S. | Profession: Artist

As a professional violinist who travels frequently for my work, meaning a lot of stress on my body both from playing and carrying luggage, I have had tremendous relief from my sessions with Dr. Delson. I had stopped seeing conventional chiropractors years ago because the violent manipulations were causing me compounding problems. The treatment Dr Delson provides, using muscle-testing alongside gentle corrective manipulations, has strengthened my overall spinal health enormously. It is also key that he is constantly thinking in terms of my future health as well, as I get older and continue my stressful lifestyle. He has given me much advice on what to do to retard the processes already occurring in my spine, so that I will have greater longevity, both with my career and in general. His treatments have also helped me with other health issues, such as allergies and stresses on my body after my son was born. Dr. Deslon’s broad range of knowledge of overall health and his holistic approach are really wonderful, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.I.L. | Profession: Violinist

I am a longtime client of both Dr. Joshua Delson and Debra Santelli and have worked with them on issues including Nutrition, Food Sensitivities, Gastrointestinal Problems, Chiropractic Care, and Physical Therapy. Much of the time, the two have worked together to help me restore my health to a balanced state. They are a magical team. Whatever issue I have brought in has been resolved. The office environment and family practice nature of the business is one I will continue to gravitate towards in the years to come for the care of my health and overall well-being.J.Lively

After years of struggling with health issues, Debra helped me gradually and sustainably make the changes in my life that would lead me feeling healthy and empowered. Debra’s approach went beyond what to eat it encompassed my entire lifestyle, from rest to stress management, emotional to professional needs. She’s through, dedicated to learning and teaching and has truly helped me drastically improve my life. I’m so grateful!Suzanne F. | Profession: Actress/Model

I am a 36 year old RN with scoliosis that has been seeing Dr.Delson for about 6 months now. The adjustment have greatly improved my quality of life. Also, my recent purchase of foot stabilizers have kept my spine in better alignment between visits. I work 3-4 12 hours shifts per week, where I spend the majority of my time on my feet. Previously I would have moderate low back pain, sciatica, and upper right shoulder pain after working, along with frequent episodes of pinched nerve in my neck when waking up the next morning. The stabilizers have greatly reduced these occurrences and often I end a shift pain free!Aimie L | Profession: RN

A few years ago I sought a reputable nutritionist to prepare my body for a planned pregnancy. After parsing a series of not-so-wonderful people through my own searches, a friend referred me to Debra. From our first meeting I knew she was “the one”. Given that I would be a first-time mom, it was imperative to not only have an expert to help me meet my goals, but I needed someone I felt comfortable with-I did and still do with Debra! Through her guidance, compassion, and professionalism she took me right through the process of trying to conceive, my subsequent pregnancy, and with the amazing outcome of a very healthy 9lb 1oz baby girl. Debra is all about big birth weights and I couldn’t be more pleased with my beautiful, active and always hungry daughter! I truly believe that she was instrumental in helping me achieve what I set out to do. But our relationship doesn’t end here-I am counting on her to continue to guide me to get my daughter Mabel on track as she starts to venture into eating solid foods. If you are looking for someone who has the patience, genuine interest and knowledge needed to achieve the best results, I give Debra highest marks on all counts and recommend her without any reservations.Emma W. | Profession: Producer, Designer and Mom

In 2009, my back went out and I was experiencing a strange pain under the right side of my ribcage. A MRI on my back showed a disc protrusion and spinal stenosis, but my doctor basically told me to take it easy. And the 3 doctors I had seen about the pain under my ribs all had a different diagnosis, but no treatment. I was frustrated, until a coworker recommended Dr. Delson. I started to feel better after the first visit. And after a few sessions, my back was feeling great. Then I met with Debra, the Clinical Nutritionist. She took time with me, asking me about my strange pain, and then found something in the blood work that the previous doctors had failed to tell me. I had an extremely high billarubin count, which was affecting my gallbladder. Debra helped change my diet and recommended supplements that have since taken my pain away. And Dr. Delson continues to help me manage my back issues. Long story short, Dr. Delson and Debra have changed my life.Joe S. | Profession: Copywriter

I met Dr.Delson over seven years ago when I was studying to become a Pilates instructor. At the time I had no idea what a positive and major influence he and his wife, Debra, would have over both my business and my life. He is such a vital member of the Pilates community; he understands the importance of combining his chiropractic work with Pilates to maintain a healthy and mobile spine and body. Whether he has seen my clients or me for general wellness or a specific injury or weakness the benefits are always immediate. I had a very healthy, active pregnancy, which I believe is largely due to regular adjustments with Dr.D and wonderful nutritional guidance with Debra. My work with Debra has changed the way I think about nutrition and I have overcome many health issues through seeing her regularly. The energy at the office is warm and welcoming and I am so grateful for my work with the Delson  Institute for Wellness.Lana House | Profession: Studio Owner, House Pilates

I recommend the Delson Institute for Wellness for top-notch quality preventative health care and to remedy ailments such as sports injuries or general discomfort of any kind. Delson and Santelli are masters on the art and science of minimizing risk of injury, re-direction away from future potential illness, and healing whatever might be currently ailing you. They use sound scientific practice to carefully and thoroughly (did I say thoroughly, let me repeat that-THROUGHLY) analyze your health to determine protocols that work-if you follow them! (did I say “if you follow them”)- let me repeat that, “if you follow them”) They also offer in-house bodywork healing as well! Another bonus and benefit to building and maintaining great health! They truly care about your health and wellness! I highly recommend them!Lynn Isenberg | Profession: Writer/Producer/Entrepreneur