About the Delson Institute for Wellness

aboutBoth originally from New-York, Dr. Joshua Delson and Debra Delson have been together since meeting as college students in Florida.

After Dr. Delson received his Bachelors of Science in Food and Nutrition he traveled west to begin his doctorate program at California University of Health Sciences, School of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Debra went onto Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute in North Miami Florida and after graduation joined Dr. Delson to finish her nutrition degree at California State University.

Upon completing their education, Dr. Delson and Debra moved to New-York City, where they gained valuable experience and mentorships. In 2005 they brought their independent businesses to California and combined them to create the Delson Institute for Wellness.

Since the Delson Institute for Wellness opened, they have helped individuals and families find wellness and vitality. Through the practice of Functional Medicine (www.functionalmedicine.org) the Institute merges the practices of both conventional and alternative medicine. Treating the whole being, rather than a set of symptoms, patients move onto the path of real wellness and health.

This is what we strive to educate all our patients on so they can live a life of wellness.Dr. Delson

Through a patient-practitioner relationship that is based on an individual’s needs, concerns, past failures and current exceptions, goals are clearly established and able to be met. Delson Institute for Wellness utilizes functional medicine, chiropractic, clinical nutrition, and laboratory testing to identify potentialities before diseases set in; as well as disease management and remission of existing conditions. We believe one treatment plan or medication does not fit all. To truly heal and be well, one must learn how to stay ahead of disease and imbalances with daily manageable tools.