Intake forms

Prior to your first visit with us you need to fill out some forms (this need to be changed). Please fill them out and send together with your appointment request …

Reason for visit Forms needed

Chiropractic (Initial visit – 75min)

Intake of your medical history. Initial evaluation using Applied Kinesiology to diagnose and understand the root causes of structural, mental and bio-chemical imbalances.

Chiropractic (Follow up – 30min)

Continued evaluation and treatment using chiropractic kinesiology to achieve long term wellness.

Clinical Nutrition (Initial visit – 60min)

Intake of your nutrition/diet history and a review of your medical conditions. Discussion of goals and lifestyle. Develop realistic goals for achieving health through nutrition and a manageable plan for action to reach these goals.

Acupuncture (60min.)

Intake of your medical history and current conditions. Treatment plan devised from intake as well as diagnosis of your overall system through examination of the tongue, pulse and etheric/astral energy bodies. Your acupuncturist may also make herbal recommendations.